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The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program Early Years educational cooperative game set from family pastimes Earth Ball is a photorealistic image of Earth as well as a great toy!
Earth Ball
Our Price: $17.95
This fun and informative manual for teachers and parents shows how to use cooperative games to build social and emotional skills and prevent bullying in young children.
It gives detailed instructions on how to use specific research-tested active games and board games in the classroom.
The book also provides a thorough discussion of relevant research and many tips for using additional cooperative games to build caring classroom communities. Richly illustrated with art and photos.
Written by former teacher and teacher trainer Suzanne Lyons M.A., M.A, who is also the founder of and the creator of The Baby Beluga Game.
Winner of the 2017 Skipping Stones Award for Best Teaching Resource!
Four cooperative games for children. Language arts, math, observation, communication, imagination & memory skills. A HUGE BARGAIN with lots of play value. Perfect for the classroom. This game is a must-have for early learning! Early Years is highly recommended by Suzanne, owner of this shop, a parent, and former classroom teacher. We are proud to bring you the Earth Ball! It's a photo replica of the Earth as well as a sturdy inflatable ball you can play with. It has a million and one educational uses, for science, social studies and beyond. PLUS the Earth Ball comes with a booklet of many educational activities and games including-yes-some really good cooperative games!
Harvest Time cooperative game  family pastimes Max cooperative game from family pastimes Preschooler In the Kitchen Cooperative Game for kids
Harvest Time
Our Price: $17.00
Max the Cat
Our Price: $17.00
This game gets the most fan mail! Plant a garden, and then try to harvest it before winter comes. Players become little creatures who need to evade Max the cat, a natural hunter. Teamwork saves the day! This game is a beloved personal favorite of Suzanne--owner and operator of this site, mom, teacher, and cooperative game aficionado! A printable Cooperative Game to post on the Fridge and play with your refrigerator magnets! Turn kitchen time into happy, together time playfully sharing kitchen know-how!
Baby Beluga Game
The Baby Beluga Game
Our Price: $34.95
The Baby Beluga Game is a new cooperative board game for children ages 3-10. Includes free download of Raffi singing Baby Beluga and much more! Made in the USA, fair trade, sustainable. Children use their smarts and their hearts to help Baby Beluga complete his journey to swim wild and free.