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Choices cooperative game by family pastimes life decisions Early Years educational cooperative game set from family pastimes Forbidden Desert
Our Price: $15.00
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Desert $26.99
A values-oriented game of discussion of choices that an individual encounters from childhood to old age. Four cooperative games for children. Language arts, math, observation, communication, imagination & memory skills. A HUGE BARGAIN with lots of play value. Perfect for the classroom. This game is a must-have for early learning! Early Years is highly recommended by Suzanne, owner of this shop, a parent, and former classroom teacher. Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert! This is a strategy game approachable for people who have mastered Forbidden Island as well as for people new to the series. For ages 10 and Up, 2-5 players. Play duration is about 45 minutes.
Forbidden Island cooperative fantasy adventure game Gift Certificate cooperative board game
Forbidden Island
Our Price: $17.00
Granny's House
Our Price: $17.00
Forbidden Island is another exciting cooperative card game designed by Matt Leacock, who designed the best seller Pandemic. Players take the role of fearless adventurers who search a mysterious island for hidden treasure as the island sinks around them. Players win together if they find all the hidden treasures and make it back to the helicopter to fly away. They lose everything if they cannot! For 2-4 players ages 10 and up. Send the gift of cooperative play! Order a gift certificate in any amount. You will have the opportunity to input the value of your gift card after you choose the delivery method. Granny's House is an adventurous story-in-a-game to be played by children ages 4-7. 1 to 6 players. This game invites imagination and cooperation. It was named "Best Children's Game" by Parenting Magazine.
Harvest Time cooperative game  family pastimes Little Builders Cooperative Game for Very Young Children Max cooperative game from family pastimes
Harvest Time
Our Price: $17.00
Little Builders
Our Price: $37.99
Max the Cat
Our Price: $17.00
This game gets the most fan mail! Plant a garden, and then try to harvest it before winter comes. Little Builders invites children as young as 2 to work together on the job site to build wonderful things together! Similar to playing with blocks, but with the added fun of a game story setting. From HABA Made in Germany. Players become little creatures who need to evade Max the cat, a natural hunter. Teamwork saves the day! This game is a beloved personal favorite of Suzanne--owner and operator of this site, mom, teacher, and cooperative game aficionado!
Old Spider and the Fly cooperative game Peace In Our Time social justice game Preschooler In the Kitchen Cooperative Game for kids
Old Spider and the Fly
Our Price: $17.00
The bugs are back in our cabin, and Old Spider has put his web for them. We can help him catch them. Spiders are pretty cool--not really scary! Can nations handle their own affairs and educate their people without creating conflicts within their own borders that lead to war? A group game that promotes understanding about peace and social justice. A very intelligent game. A printable Cooperative Game to post on the Fridge and play with your refrigerator magnets! Turn kitchen time into happy, together time playfully sharing kitchen know-how!
Save the Whales original cooperative board game by Animal Town Skunk! The cooperative game about organic gardening Cooperative Game Sleeping Grump
Save the Whales
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $17.00
Sleeping Grump
Our Price: $17.00

This classic cooperative board game by Animal Town is only sold here! It is our very best seller. Folks who grew up playing this game in the 1970's and are now parents want to share it with their own children because the love of cooperation--and the need to protect whales and our oceans--live on!

Can we keep our organic garden safe by catching the skunk and other critters who want to eat our yummy fruits and vegetables?  We have ot work together to catch and release them in the Forest where they belong. Let's practice our organic gardening skills! Grump has taken the villagers' treasures up the beanstalk. Can they get them back, and leave the Grump his share, without waking him up? A gentle but giggly cooperative game for families and friends!
Baby Beluga Game Secret Door Cooperative Game for kids family pastimes Walk In the Woods cooperative game
The Baby Beluga Game
Our Price: $34.95
The Secret Door
Our Price: $17.00
The Baby Beluga Game is a new cooperative board game for children ages 3-10. Includes free download of Raffi singing Baby Beluga and much more! Made in the USA, fair trade, sustainable. Children use their smarts and their hearts to help Baby Beluga complete his journey to swim wild and free. Valuables are stolen, and have to be found before midnight! A mystery game of memory and logic. Top Rating form Canadian Toy Testing, Parent's Choice Award. A customer from Ontario says: "My daughter loves Secret Door. It's food for her brain. She can often find pairs that I miss, which she thinks is great!" Enjoy a day in the Woods, being with nature. But watch out for Poison Ivy, Bugs, the Hot Sun...
Zen Blocks cooperative game cube for all ages
Our Price: $38.00
Our cube game, like 3D dominoes, is for thinking and intuitive players. Not a one-solution puzzle, a true game that unfolds differently each time. Marvelous and insightful fun for all ages.