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Aunty Ruth's Apples cooperative game
Aunty Ruth's Apples - Simple Math Skills Game
Our Price: $15.00

Pick four types of apples from Aunty Ruth's orchard, for sale at the store by the road. Watch out for bad ones! Math skills are used as the crew gets paid for the work done. Lovely way to help young children practice adding and multiplying.
Bambino Dino Cooperative Game family pastimes
Bambino Dino
Our Price: $16.00

Work together to rescue a baby dinosaur and his food supply from the rising waters of a flash flood.
Castle Panic cooperative board game for older kids, teens, and adults
Castle Panic
Our Price: $32.00

This a really fun game with art that is spooky, cute, and humorous. A good time will be had as in Castle Panic, as players defend their castle from monsters that attack out of the forest at the edges of the board. Players cooperate by trading cards, monsters, and planning strategies to keep their castle towers intact.
Caves and Claws Cooperative Board Game family pastimes adventure
Caves and Claws - Archeological Adventure Game
Our Price: $16.00

An archeology adventure. Clear paths in the jungle, find treasures, and think your way around obstacles to bring them back to camp. Over the top fun and award wining game.
Clumsy WItch game by HABA
Clumsy Witch
Our Price: $24.95

Lots of thinking in this game: A Clumsy Witch has brewed ten potions. Each potion contains twelve ingredients but the forgetful Witch forgot one ingredient in each potion and put one in twice. Players use memory and executive skills to straighten out the mess, having fun and working together along the way. (Note that there is a winner in this game so strictly speaking it's not a cooperative game. Still it is lots of fun and very educational.) For 2-4 players ages 5 and up.

Set of Four Games for Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program
Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention: 4 Board Game Set
List Price: $62.00
Our Price: $62.00

This set of four board games plus the teaching manual on using cooperative games for social-emotional learning by Suzanne Lyons M.A., M.A., make up the classroom-ready,  research-tested, positive plan for creating a loving and happy classroom climate: The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program. Yay!
Early Years educational cooperative game set from family pastimes
Early Years - Dr. Toy Award Winning Card Game
Our Price: $15.00

Four cooperative games for children. Language arts, math, observation, communication, imagination & memory skills. A HUGE BARGAIN with lots of play value. Perfect for the classroom. This game is a must-have for early learning! Early Years is highly recommended by Suzanne, owner of this shop, a parent, and former classroom teacher.
Evening in the Stable
Our Price: $24.00

This cute cooperative game from HABA is for the wee ones. The theme of helping a rooster put children to bed is adorable. For 1-4 players ages 3 and up. Popular around the world.
Flowers Are Forever cooperative math game from family pastimes
Flowers Are Forever
Our Price: $15.00

Four math games. Players are partners, forming as many good flower gardens as they can, using their trowels to dig up the Weeds that threaten them. This is one of the best cooperative games for math teaching we can imagine! Suzanne, a former math and science teacher and owner of gives this two thumbs up as an anti-anxiety math game! Cooperation is always better for anxious kids than competition :D
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