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Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Book A Manual for Teachers-The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program

The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program, Cooperative Games for a Warm School Climate, PreK-Grade 2 by Suzanne Lyons is a manual for teachers and parents that shows how to use cooperative games to build social and emotional skills and prevent bullying in young children. The book provides detailed instructions on how to use specific research-tested active games and board games in the classroom. The book also provides a thorough discussion of relevant research, plenty of social and commentary about the value of cooperative play, and many tips for using additional cooperative games to build caring classroom communities. It is richly illustrated with original art and photos.

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The Baby Beluga Game The Baby Beluga Game

The Baby Beluga Game is a new cooperative board game for children ages 3-10. Includes free download of Raffi singing Baby Beluga and much more! Made in the USA, fair trade, sustainable. Children use their smarts and their hearts to help Baby Beluga complete his journey to swim wild and free.

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The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program: Teaching Manual + 4 Board Game Set The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program: Teaching Manual + 4 Board Game Set

This first-of-its-kind cooperative games program is Win-Win every way you look at it! You can prevent aggression while building social and emotional skills in young children with this research-tested program. It consists of a teaching manual plus four cooperative board games. Guaranteed to bring fun to your classroom, and more than that, to help the children you care for develop healthy habits of cooperation and kindness. There are many benefits to cooperative games...and now research shows they are effective agents to prevent bullying. You will want to read this book for classroom tips and support so that you can easily become an expert in peaceful play yourself. This program is innovative, economical, effective, fun, with benefits for one and all! Enjoy! by Suzanne Lyons M.A., M.A. Educator, Author and Founder of

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